An Example of Black Berbers

Greetings great readers,

Today I want to share the Tuareg tribe, or as the call themselves Imazaghan or Imashaghen ("the Free people"); a nomadic North/West African group of Berbers. First off they are a wonderful and beautiful people, with a rich history that gives us lots of information about the social/political climate of North & West Africa in regards to political policy and Arabization. These people remained nomadic during Arabization because they did not like political policies of any of the nearby nations.I also wanted to share the Taureg in hopes of dispelling this 

  • "Sub-Suharan Africa= black
  • "and "North Africa = white"
  • and/or the "Berber= white" 
  •  thing thats going around.

Berbers are a phenotypically mixed (as in genetically and heterogeneously) ethnic group. I suspect that the lighter Berbers of Africa are of European sources long ago after the first Africans migrated from Africa to Europe, adapted, populated Europe and merged back into Africa at the African/European boarders-Mediterranean region. Berbers seem to have an underlying African culture before Arabization as well, which makes them much more like the rest of brown/black Africa. Many people say there are no or very little brown/black skin Berbers because they haven't seen any. Not sure where they were looking and what criteria they were using to distinguish Berbers from other Africans but the Tuareg are apart of the Berber ethnic group and migrate across the Sahara in North and West Africa.

The Tuareg are also an excellent example of the people called Moors.

Please enjoy the video play list for numerous examples of the Tuareg, Berbers, West and North Africans :-)

See more photos and information below:

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