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If you happen to see any photos on this site that are copy righted to you, please contact me for credit and link backs. I apologize if you feel you haven't gotten proper credit, my graphics database is simply too large to know who took each photo, if that information isn't listed on the item itself.

You might be wondering how could something that is objective be personal and vise versa. Honestly, true objectivity is as elusive to the human condition as are unicorns and mermaids. They might exist some where but um...yah right.

So really what this collection is all about are my attempts to utilize cultural relativism, logic, and critical thinking as I experience life and observe others living theirs. The background of any humanistic professional is important when it comes to their view of the world, what drives them, and influences their choice in specialty. The person behind the work is as important, if not more, as the work itself. Becoming a little bit of an Anthropologist is something that we all can benefit from in our daily lives.

There is passion behind study...passion behind life.

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